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Raspberry Pi was designed by the Raspberry Pi foundation in UK. Initially designed to help kids in the school, learn basic computer science knowledge. As the technology is developing every day, we got a lot high technology device that functions similar to Raspberry Pi, like smartphone and tablet. The main difference between Raspberry Pi and other devices is that you can build your own small personal computer using it. So our course include fundamentals of Raspberry Pi, and basic programming using python.

About The Course

The Raspberry Pi has already been ordered by many and lot of individuals order it because it can be built according to the needs of the customer. So this course will helpful the students who have interest in developing IT knowledge. Our training also include Python basics and programming.

Importance of Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is already ordered by all, and there is a lot individuals order it because it can be built by the customer’s own needs. So there may be a possibility it could be used in some special industry like the spy industry, authorized by the government. It credit card size is a big advantage and it can be transferred to any kind of computer that may just fit the government’s needs.

Who Should Go For This Course?

The students who completed B. Tech (Electronics and Communication, Applied Electronics and Instrumentation, Electrical and Electronics), / (Electronics), Diploma in Electronics can join for this course. After successfully completing the course company will give course completion certificate.

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