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If you belong to the category I’ve mentioned, this blog is for you. Why do you want a job so soon, when other 18 year old are still sponging off parents, who like most conventional Indian parents consider their children as children till they have children? You might have many reasons. The most simple reason, […] Read more...

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Nobody wants to be an “also ran”. Everybody wants to be sought after ,unique and I am not talking about the higher things of life, but something as mundane as a job. Life is full of choices, more so for a programmer ,for whom stability and security comes only with rapid , proactive change. (Refer: PHP […] Read more...

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According to the reports, by the end of next two years, India will have the 2nd largest Smartphone market in the world. This trend will reach approx 200 Million by 2016 and approx 650 Million by 2020. This is why all small to big companies such as e-Commerce companies like Myntra are going Mobile App […] Read more...

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Digital marketing is for those who find within themselves a creative spark and passion for the internet. Do you see those attractive Web banner ads, Video campaigns, Mobile apps, Informative blog posts quite often while surfing the net? All these are nothing, but different forms of Digital Marketing! As the world is getting more and […] Read more...

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