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“Think Different” Apple does justice to their motto every time they launch a new product. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone industry with its revolutionary iPhone and app store and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad. I’ve always had a clear set of goals as to what I want […] Read more...

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When you graduate or is a few days/months away from graduation the one question that troubles your mind will be, “What’s next?” You’re not alone! Every single graduate/fresher goes through the same confused state at least once in their life. I’d like to believe that for every problem, there’s a solution. All you gotta do […] Read more...

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One of the primary ways with which people around the globe communicate with each other is via mobile phones. Half the mobile user population across the globe has shifted from feature phones to smartphones and according to the eMarketer report, will be using their smartphones at least once a month this year. But we all […] Read more...

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  How many users can your website handle concurrently? How quickly will your software application respond to the user actions? How often will users get errors and need to reconnect? Will your website respond correctly to a stress load? Will it return to normal operation after peak load times?   To find the solution for […] Read more...

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Asp.Net training in Thrissur

Talking about programming for a job in tech is a bit tough question to answer. Many students do has this question in their mind especially those from IT as everyone won’t have the same vision towards this domain. An appropriate answer would be “Programming is not mandatory but to live in a professional world, at […] Read more...

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Millions of students are graduated every year in India after having a complete degree  level training in their respective field. But does that  education system lead them to a successful career prospects? Answer is yes for the majority but what about the rest. Application of Information technology is the backbone in every field – engineering, […] Read more...

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Every student dreams of a rewarding career in life but the path to success is almost always strewn with hurdles. Interviews are scary enough, but there is one major hurdle that you need to overcome before you are selected for an interview and that is your CV. A CV is the first impression you give […] Read more...

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Are you a graduate or a post graduate, but still got no job? It is so embarrassing to tell this to your relatives, friends or parents while other students of the batch got placed in a reputed company right. Have you ever thought of why you couldn’t get through? or is it because of the […] Read more...

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Digital Marketing is not a new term for an individual growing in this technological era of computers. So what is digital marketing? It is an all new  strategy used for marketing any kind of product, service or business digitally through a laptop, pc, tablet or mobile. The technology is rising to reach its peak,  so […] Read more...

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AIT(ATEES Industrial Training) is a live project training center in Thrissur which imparts practical learning through the utilization of resources available in our students lab.   People who are highly experienced and with good professional knowledge are assigned to take care of the task. Candidates receive an in depth understanding from the academic project training in […] Read more...

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